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Prizing & scoring

Win $10k for the longest streak Every Prize Period

  • Prize period 1
    October, 19th 2021 - December, 24th 2021
  • Prize period 2
    December, 25th 2021 - February, 17th 2022
  • Prize period 3
    February, 18th 2022 - April, 10th 2022
  • Prize period 4
    April, 11th 2022 - June, 23rd 2022

Answer the streak question of the night correctly to start your streak. Every consecutive correct answer will build your streak, while an incorrect answer will set you back to zero. At the end of each segment the user with the longest overall streak could win up to $10k!

In addition to the daily streak question, you can earn points each night with the other 9 questions. For each question answered correctly, you will earn 10 points toward your season total. At the milestones below, you will reach different levels and earn great NBA prizes. Streak questions do not contribute to level prizing.

level 1
Start here
level 2
100 pts
7-day free trial of
level 3
8500 pts
$10 coupon code for
level 4
11000 pts
$50 coupon code for